DeVryWORKS Career Ready

The Career Ready program combines asynchronous e-learning, including recorded lectures, weekly assignments, and ongoing discussion threads, with individualized career coaching and job leads with a dedicated career advisor.


The participants enrolled in the DeVryWORKS Career Ready program can access the online course materials and connect with DeVry University Career Services facilitators through interactive web-based tools.

The asynchronous e-learning on the DeVry University LMS and live and the one-on-one coaching sessions with an assigned Career Advisor are conducted via phone, WebEx, or Zoom.

The participants can access the online materials in the DeVryWORKS LMS beginning Monday of Week 1 until Sunday of Week 4.

DeVryWORKS will provide the Company with a status update on participation and engagement on a weekly basis. The engagement report will also include notes from the Career Advisor coaching sessions and job leads sent to each participant.

The program is designed to focus on four areas critical to short-term job search and long-term career advancement:

Explore Your Career: Find out which role and position is a true match for your personality, interests, and preferred industry business and work styles.

Develop Your Job Search Tools: Build a strong set of job search tools such as a resume, a cover letter, and a social media profile. Enhance your interviewing skills to ensure you can compete in the job market with confidence and an appealing personal message.

Launch Your Job Search: Use an organized, action-oriented job search approach to expose all opportunities to research, network, and follow-up your target job.

Advance Your Professional Goals: Professional growth and development can seem overwhelming, discouraging, and difficult to sustain. Applying specific strategies and guidelines, developing skills, and having clear milestones will help you reach your career goals.

The Career Ready program consists of three primary components spread across four weeks:

1. Asynchronous Online Content

2. Individual, live coaching sessions with Career Advisor

3. Curated job leads

The program is 4-week long and each week’s online content will take approximately 5 – 10 hours to complete. Each coaching session with the Career Advisor will be approximately 1 hour. Participants must complete the program within the 4-week period.

Week 1: Explore
  • Asynchronous Online Content: Course Overview, Introductions, Self-Assessments, Realize Your Full Value, Your Personal Brand
  • Individual, live coaching session with Career Advisor
  • Curated job leads provided by Career Advisor
Week 2: Develop
  • Asynchronous Online Content: Resume Essentials, Federal Resume, Job Search Letters
  • Individual, live coaching session with Career Advisor
  • Curated job leads provided by Career Advisor
Week 3: Launch
  • Asynchronous Online Content: The Hidden Job Market, Mastering the Online Application, Ace the Interview
  • Individual, live coaching session with Career Advisor
  • Curated job leads provided by Career Advisor
Week 4: Advance
  • Asynchronous Online Content: Develop Your LinkedIn Profile, Utilize Social Media in Your Job Search, Prepare for Networking
  • Individual, live coaching session with Career Advisor
  • Curated job leads provided by Career Advisor


The company will provide case management support to the participants, including:


  • Ensuring participants have adequate access to an internet enabled PC or laptop, phone, and email to complete weekly assignments, coursework, and online coaching sessions.
  • Communicating challenges or concerns to the DeVry administration team that may impact the participant’s success in the Career Ready program.


Online, Asynchronous Content

Participants are responsible for logging in to the online course every week, participating in discussion posts, completing and uploading assignments, and watching/experiencing weekly lectures.

There is no set time that participants must attend class online, but they must complete assignments within the week they are scheduled. Participants are responsible for communicating all attendance and assignment-related concerns to the course instructor.

DeVryWORKS will notify the Company when participants do not access the online material or attend the live sessions.

Career Coaching/Advising Sessions

Participants are responsible for scheduling their own career coaching sessions with their Career Advisor, and are expected to come to their weekly career coaching appointments to discuss their career goals, participate in mock interviews, discuss their resume and job search documents, or ask questions pertaining to their career development and job search.

Job Leads

Participants will receive curated job leads from the Career Advisor each week, and are expected to communicate their job search goals with the Career Advisor. Participants may opt-out of receiving job leads by sending a request to their Career Advisor.

Certificate of Completion

Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a digital certificate of completion. Participants who fail to actively engage, attend their career coaching sessions, and complete assignments will not complete the program.


The DeVryWORKS Career Ready program is a non-matriculating career development program. DeVry University does not track employment data for non-matriculating programs. The Career Ready program does not guarantee any employment or placement. The Company will not associate DeVry or the Career Ready program with employment guarantees or reporting of employment statistics of any kind.


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