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Determining personality traits can provide an understanding to leadership or management who use the assessment to adapt team members’ behaviors more successfully within a team for enhanced organization efficiency. WPR DISC assessment will give reports that can be measured. We offer customized WPR DISC reports options for every professional. User reports include general development for self-awareness, executive coaching and leadership, behavioral profiling for sales training, enhanced customer service communication, and gaining behavioral insights into oneself in consulting.



Quick to Complete

Our validated WPR DISC assessment produces 30 intuitive and counterbalancing questions, with an average completion time of 12-15 minutes. The email link delivers every assessment questionnaire, generating a PDF report automatically uploaded to the member’s white-label dashboard.

Multiple Languages

Our internationally accredited WPR DISC assessments are currently available in multiple languages. See our sample reports page for available languages and sample results.

WPR DISC Team Reports & DISC 360°

By combining individual WPR DISC results, members can generate seven different team reports. WPR DISC 360° reports provide insight into others' perspectives of behavior. Group insights and profound behavioral correlations await discovery with these reports. All of our team reports are 100% free and unlimited.

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