Janitorial Services

WPR, LLC trains and produces the best janitorial professionals in the business. We are always ready to serve.

Office and Building Cleaning

Do you have an office or an entire building that needs to be cleaned up? You can avail of our services and our team can tidy it up.

Healthcare Environmental Services

We protect the environment while we maintain your clean and healthy spaces. We also offer customized cleaning programs for you.

Bank Office Cleaning

We bring exceptional cleaning to your bank offices, considering the safety and security of your financial institution.

Government Building Cleaning

We help government facilities maintain high standards of cleanliness. We provide a quality cleaning service to ensure the highest sanitation standards.

Restaurant Cleaning

We know that cleaning is incredibly important in the food service industry. We help maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant-specific spaces, including food storage areas, and we help ensure your restaurant is compliant with all safety standards.

Hotel and Resort Housekeeping

Our cleaning services are designed to assist hotel and resort management in keeping the property’s high sanitation standards to provide guests wonderful stay experience.

Manufacturing and Facility Cleaning

We provide manufacturing facility cleaning services to maintain health and safety standards in industrial cleaning solutions.

Stadium and Event Cleaning

We help clean entertainment venues and stadium and improve the experience for fans and partners.

Retail Store Cleaning

Running a shopping center, a regular retail store, or supermarket? Avail of our cleaning service and improve the total shopping experience of your customers.

School and University Cleaning

We make sure you maintain a clean, safe and healthy schools for your students and staff.

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