WPR is about re-entry or reintegration for women after release from prison. We know the value of re-entry programs, especially with criminal justice reform sweeping the nation.

WPR also aims to show the government that we can offer job training programs and eventually job placement to help homeless veterans reintegrate themselves to the community.

WPR focuses on Janitorial Job Training and job placement at the moment, offering a flexible job training re-entry program targeted to homeless veterans. The program utilizes hands-on and online training in partnership with several organizations, like the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association.

Our Partners:

International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) at is an online commercial cleaning database with testing and exams related to commercial cleaning services.

My Interview Buddy at is an online interview service that resumes building training and live interactions that range from one-on-one career advice to interview coaching and mock interviews all streamlined online.

DeVry University Learning Management System (LMS) provides the DeVry University Skills Gap Training through the DeVryWORKS Career Ready program that combines e-learning, career coaching, and job leads.

Our Curriculum

WPR offers a janitorial job training program covering all aspects of commercial cleaning service that we can provide on a case by case basis. We can work with community organizations that offer housing programs.

Our trainers are qualified by the IJCSA with multiple degrees of cleaning certifications. We offer a program that will provide the recruit with certifications and an improved resume that may lead to future work even if it is not with WPR.

Training Hours: 40 Hours

  1. Orientation into Janitorial Commercial Cleaning
  2. Rules and Regulations /OSHA
  3. Safety course/ MSDS/ Chemical Hazards
  4. Equipment Familiarization
  5. Ongoing online courses for Janitorial certifications
  6. Active Hands-on Training


**Upon completion of training, the recruit will be eligible to be placed into any available Janitorial cleaning opportunities with WPR. Opportunities are on a case by case basis depending on on-going contracts.

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